Oven for drying 3-phase 35-40m2

Used in:

Construction industry
Meat industry
Carpet drying

In addition to simultaneous drying, it heats the environment and serves in moisture absorption.
It is automatic, when it reduces humidity up to 25%, the carpets are considered ready.
It has a TURBO system in case of speeding up the procedure.

It has a sensor that keeps high or low pressure under control.
It has 2 fans that help in air purification by absorbing and removing impure air.
The maximum distance should be 6m.

The room (space) should be with these dimensions (4×5), (6×6), (6×7) ✅
It should not be with dimensions (4×10) ❌

The filter should be cleaned manually every 2 drying cycles.

1-year warranty!


Sector: Building, Carpet

Carpet: Machinery

Machinery: Carpets