The drying fan is a multifunctional machine that can be used in a wide range of activities, primarily in the carpet industry, the Meat Industry, Construction, Dairy Farms – cheese drying, etc.
With this exhaust fan, you can exchange indoor and outdoor air, improve air quality in the room, and balance humidity.


Model: FV-140
Frame Dimension: 1380*1380 mm
Fan Diameter: ø1270 mm
Air Flow: 44,500 m³/hour
Motor Power: 1.1 kW
Motor Speed: 1440 rpm
Voltage: 380V – 50/60 Hz
Noise Level: <65 dB
Weight: 66 kg

6 Months Warranty


Brand: Limpo

Sector: Building, Carpet

Carpet: Machinery

Machinery: Carpets