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Usage: Apply on clean surfaces, with a brush or sponge.
Do not use inside the car.
Caution: Please adhere to usage instructions.
Avoid ingestion, skin contact, eye contact, and keep away from children.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water and seek medical attention.
Use goggles and a mask during use. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical assistance (inform them of the product).
Recyclable packaging
Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol CAS No: 67-17-5, BETA-CARYOPHYLLENE CAS No: 87-44-5, LINALOOL CAS No: 78-70-6, TERPINOLENE CAS No: 586-62-9, Distilled water, DMDMH CAS No: 6440-58-0.

Brand: Wieberr

Sector: Vehicle