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Usage: Mix 1L of shampoo with 60L of water; apply and spray it on the vehicle. Apply to the car, wait for 2 minutes, and then clean with clean water using a professional pressure machine. Do not expose the vehicle to sunlight during application, as the product, if dried quickly, can damage the car’s paint.
Caution: Please adhere to the instructions for use. It is non-toxic, damages paint, and causes skin burns.
Keep away from children, in case of eye contact, rinse with water and seek medical assistance.
Use goggles and a mask during application. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical help (inform about the product).
Recyclable packaging.
Ingredients: Phosphoric Acid CAS 2809-21-4, Neutralizer CAS 1310-73-2 5-15%, Distilled Water,
Polyphosphate CAS 7722-88-5 <5%, Anionic Active Substance CAS 85536-14-7 <5%.

Brand: Wieberr

Vehicle: Solutions