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Deep Cleaning: Effectively cleans dirt, debris, oil stains, and kitchen grease. Ideal for hardwood floors, solid wood floors, tiles, laminate, marble, and other surfaces. These premium quality mop pads are perfect for your daily use. They can be machine washed multiple times and reused.

Dry and Wet Use: The cotton mop head replacement can be used for both cleaning and mopping, suitable for dry and wet use. When the replacement mop pad is used as a dry mop, it is effective for cleaning dirt and other spots on dry walls and pet hair. When the replacement mop pad is used as a wet mop, the thick wet pads with absorbent fibers efficiently absorb wet messes.

Wide Application: Suitable for all hardwood floor surfaces, making them perfect for floor cleaning. Additionally, they can be used for layers, tiles, hard floors, marble, glass, etc. The mop head can also be used for cleaning walls, windows, ceilings, cars, etc. These replacement heads allow you to effectively clean any surface, whether dry or wet, and can be easily removed.

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