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Usage: Dilute 1L with 150L water in large machinery, 1L with 100L water in small hand-held machines. Apply on the carpet and then rub with a soft brush suitable for carpets. Finally, rinse with clean water (using a sprayer).
Caution: Please adhere to the instructions for use. Do not ingest, damage, irritate, or burn the skin, damage the eyes. Keep away from children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water and seek medical assistance. Use goggles and a mask during use. In case of product ingestion, seek immediate medical assistance (inform them of the product).
Recyclable packaging
Ingredients: Anionic active substance 5%-15%, non-ionic active ingredient ≤5%, Polyphosphate ≤5%, Distilled water, sodium carbonate ≤5%, DMDMH, Concentrate (is an aromatic liquid, unstable, extracted from plants or obtained from different substances with the help of chemistry).

Brand: Wieberr

Carpet: Solutions