Usage: It is a fast hygienic disinfection and cleaning product designed to be used in vehicle AC systems and interior parts of vehicles.
Start the vehicle engine and activate the AC system, set the AC to maximum cold, The AC is adjusted so that the air circulates inside the vehicle. Wait a while for the AC to cool the interior of the vehicle. Shake the AC deodorizer. Adjust the distributor well so that it faces you. Using the hole in the box of the product, place it horizontally on the footrest of the front passenger seat and press the activation button of the product.Close all doors and windows and wait for the product to empty itself for 7 minutes. Stop the vehicle and open the doors and wait for 3 minutes to take off. Make sure that there are no people in the vehicle while applying the product.
Caution: Please adhere to the instructions for use.
It is non-toxic, damages paint, and causes skin burns.
Keep away from children. In case of eye contact, rinse with water and seek medical assistance.
Use goggles and a mask during application.
In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical help (inform about the product).
Recyclable packaging
Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol CAS NO: 64-17-5 % < 60-80%, Carbon Dioxide CAS NO: 124-38-9, Beta Caryophyllene CAS NO: 87-44-5 <2.5%, Isabornyl Acetate CAS NO: 125-12-2 <25%, Coumarin CAS NO: 91-64-5 <2.5%, Citral CAS NO: 5392-40-5 < 2.5%.




Brand: Wieberr

Sector: Vehicle


Quantity: 150ML